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Access a curated collection of AI resources, tools, and frameworks.


Insights into emerging AI trends and how they affect various industries.

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Unique internships opportunities at the leading AI enterprises and startups. No more endless filters or low-quality internship offers.

Work on meaningful summer, semester, co-op, short and long-term AI / ML / Tech internships & projects.

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Whether you're organizing a campus event, doing AI research, or seeking sponsorship for your next hackathon, JeezAI connects you directly with an AI community eager to support your vision.

Submit your project, explain the needs, and raise funds quickly. Get early access to AI products, organize events at your campus / online and create a better future for all.

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Multion AI

Generative AI

United States

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Generative AI


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Sahara AI

Blockchain & Web3

United States

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Robotics & Automation

United States

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Extropic AI


United States

Learn more

Blockchain & Web3

United States

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Artificial intelligence is changing the world, but are we doing enough to
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* JeezAI is an independent platform; logos of AI companies and organizations are used solely to showcase available internships and insights, with no affiliation or endorsement implied.

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